Thanks for Caring About Northbrook!

Thanks for Caring About Northbrook!

Four years ago, Chris Lay and I began a two-year battle to SAVE NORTHBROOK. We did it, along with the help of neighbors and friends because we were convinced it was the right thing to do. We did it because we love Northbrook.

It started with an old man asking questions.  Why are there trucks in front of his house? What’s going on?  When he found answers that horrified him, he started knocking on doors.   He wanted to let his neighbors know what Northbrook had planned for them.  Plans to build a huge development at the corner of Techny and Shermer. Plans that would require zoning changes that would dramatically affect the entire neighborhood. Zoning changes that put every residential street in Northbrook at risk. These plans were greenlighted by the Northbrook government without resident input. And this happened under the watch of the current three Northbrook Caucus candidates; Kathryn Ciesla, Muriel Collison, and Dan Pepoon.  We fought for two long years against this proposal and eventually it was voted down.*

It’s been a long time since the Northbrook caucus has had any serious competition.  They’re mad. But don’t let their noise and rhetoric distract from the issues at hand.  This is a transformational election in Northbrook. For too long, Northbrook has been unable to attract business and make the positive changes that would support and bolster our tax base and fund many needed services.  For too long, the Northbrook Village government has had the reputation of being difficult to deal with.  And that reputation falls squarely on the shoulders of the three caucus candidates currently running for re-election.

Ciesla, Collison, and Pepoon are running on a platform of experience.  So, look around…your eyes don’t lie.  What does Northbrook have to show for all those years of experience?  A downtown that has been stagnant for years, a dying Northbrook Court, an $8M dollar contaminated Grainger property that is standing empty and off the tax rolls.

If I can be honest, being a whistleblower sucks.  There is nothing fun about challenging opponents who will stop at nothing to win, including an organized campaign of innuendo and smear in an attempt to distract from the issues at hand.  But like during our battle to SAVE NORTHBROOK, I will always try to stand up for what I believe is right.  And if that means uncovering and exposing bad actors, then so be it.   Northbrook residents have a right to understand what has been going on in their government for too long and I am willing to fight to make that happen.  

I’m not asking you to take my word for it and vote for United4Northbrook candidates.  I am asking you to take a minute and do some research.  Look at the website and Facebook page.  Read a bit, watch the candidates from both sides discuss the issues. I’m confident that once you do, the choice will be clear.Whatever happens, I thank you for your time, and for also being someone who cares about Northbrook.  

Julie Gibson Lay

*To learn more about the SAVE NORTHBROOK battle, here is a brief summary article