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On the Issues

On the Issues


According to crime data, crime in Northbrook has increased dramatically over the past four years, while several long-time chiefs and deputy chiefs have strongly been encouraged to take early retirement by the current board. U4N will put community and resident safety first by working with police to ensure they have the resources they need to curb and prevent crime. 


Financial Accountability

U4N believes that certain actions taken by the current village board have hurt Northbrook financially and understands that the best way to reverse this is to make residents an active partner in finding the best solutions to these issues.  We will conduct proper due diligence and have a plan before making a financial commitment to any property or development.





Green Acres

In 2019, developers working with owners of the former Green Acres Country Club site brought a proposal to the village board that included 45 acres of open space, 15 of which would be donated the park district, and an estimated $3.8 million in annual tax revenue for Northbrook.  The village board was openly hostile to the proposal and these developers, and Green Acres is still not developed. U4N will work with the owners of the Green Acre site to come up with a plan that makes sense for Northbrook residents and adds to our village’s diminished tax base.




Affordable Housing

The current Village Board passed an affordable housing plan that neglects seniors and the disabled by not including provisions that allow affordable housing to be concentrated in one area such as Crestwood Place.  Another proposed ordinance would allow most properties in Northbrook to replace one house with two or three dwelling units, or for houses to add an additional dwelling unit (ADU) in the backyard, significantly impacting the value of your property.  U4N is not in favor of the ADU ordinance and believes we need more affordable housing options for seniors and for those with disabilities.


United4Northbrook pledges to to respect residents' desires and seek their input before implementing broad-based policy decisions, such as changes to the affordable housing ordinance and zoning laws. We will encourage active communication between the board and the community. 






In 2018, the village board voted to purchase the contaminated vacant Grainger space for $8 million, without a concrete plan for what they would do with the property, and without any public debate.  Three years later, the property is still vacant and the $350,000+ per year tax revenue from a new property owner has been lost. U4N will never make such a large purchase without a plan for the property and will always include input from the residents as part of the development process.  



Northbrook Court

An empty and deserted Northbrook court is an unfortunate consequence of the anti-business attitude of the current village board. U4N will take aggressive action to ensure that Northbrook Court finds a new anchor tenant and consider any incentives that make sense, as it should be the priority of the village to prop up its anchor shopping destination for the greater north suburban area.







Mental Health Resources

Mental health is a serious topic, exacerbated by COVID, the closures and remote learning in schools.  It is very important to U4N that both kids and adults have the resources that are needed to help all those dealing with mental health issues.  U4N would create and promote resources and facilities for our communities and work with organizations to bring more awareness to the issue.



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