Gene Marks: Candidate For Northbrook Village President


Gene Marks

Gene has resided in Northbrook since 1984.  He raised his family here and is a proud father of two grown children that attended D27 schools along with Glenbrook North High School.  Gene was a student at Oakton Community College and DePaul University.  He is currently involved in working sales for security equipment manufacturers.

Gene proudly served as the Northbrook Village President from 2005-2009.  During his previous tenure as Village President our board was able to bring in the Willow Festival Shopping Center (Whole Foods, Lowes, REI among others), provide approval for Northbrook's first Drive-thru establishment and turned a $1.5 million deficit into a $2.5 million surplus, thus leaving the Village Chief Financial Officer with a strong economy for the Village and it’s residents.  Gene had been chair of the Northbrook Alarm Commission for 20 years as well. 

While Village President, Gene had served as a member of the following:

  • US Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Committee
  • US Conference of Mayors’ Environmental Committee
  • US Conference of Mayors' Criminal and Social Justice Committee
  • US Conference Of Mayors’ International Affairs and Homeland Security committee.

Gene has always been drawn to public service; he has had previous careers with the Chicago Fire Department as a Field EMS Chief for 11 years.  Gene brought his experience with CFD to Northbrook as a Paid On Call Firefighter with the Northbrook Fire Department for 20 years.  Gene further spent 19 years working for the Cook County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff as a Facility Chief, Instructor for the Cook County Sheriff’s Training Academy and Inspector with the Internal Affairs Division.  After his time at the Sheriff's Department, Gene was employed part-time with the Forest Park Police Department.

Gene enjoys his time off hitting the open roads with his motorcycle.  He loves taking long road trips and visiting different areas in the United States.  Gene loves being outdoors; when the weather or travel allows he loves snow skiing and scuba diving.

Gene has a community driven passion towards making our neighborhoods family friendly and safe.  He looks to bridge all divisions of our municipality with the community to build positive and successful relationships through training and community relations. Gene believes the community is an integral component to unite Northbrook for all families.

Being the past village president, I already have made the tough decisions.

I have an extensive background in public safety, business and government. I will be transparent and put our residents and businesses first. They also talk about many things like sustainability, I actually took action during my term. All this current board does is talk about it. Due to election they are trying to implement actions, because we brought up the objections. Too little too late.