Mission & Priorities

United4Northbrook will at all times promote the interests of Northbrook and its residents by exercising fiscal responsibility, ensuring public safety and supporting and growing the local business community through full transparency and experienced leadership.

we will

We support a vibrant local business community.

Developing our community is vital to providing our residents with businesses where they can shop and eat local.  Being a good partner to business owners will ensure we attract and retain a diverse offering to our residents.  A strong local business economy is essential in ensuring the value of your investment in Northbrook through your family and you.

We will:

Get the community involved

Incorporating your opinion in development will be an essential part of our process.

Help revitalize the downtown

Developers will be treated as business partners to ensure a win-win for them and our community.

Protect your property values

Properties will not be rezoned without the support of the community.

Not waste your tax dollars

Properties such as Grainger, Green Acres and Northbrook Court will be managed and developed responsibly.

We support our Police,
Fire and all First Responders.

The safety and security of Northbrook residents and businesses is of utmost importance to a healthy community.  Our law enforcement and first responder abilities are not to be compromised in any way.  We depend on them to protect our schools, our families, our livelihood and our homes.  They will receive the full support they need to ensure they have the proper staffing, equipment and communication lines to Village leadership to provide us all this basic human need.

We commit to:

Helping to lower crime rates

Through increased patrolling and upgraded technology we can better protect businesses, your home and your families.

Properly funding our police and firefighters

Ensuring necessary funds are available to our law enforcement and first responders is essential in upholding our commitment to residents to be there when they need us most.

Making you safer

Northbrook will be a community that you will freely go for walks, ride your bikes, shop in our stores and participate in all we offer without fear of your safety.

We want to bring Northbrook back
to the residents.

This is your town.  You have chosen to live here and we want you to be proud of your community and make sure it reflects all that you want it to be.  We all have different ideas on what we would like to see in Northbrook and we want all voices heard and involved in our planning and development processes.  We will open up Village leadership to Town Hall meetings and more proactive communication to ensure there are multiple opportunities for you to get involved and share your ideas.

We promise to:

Hear your voice

Our leaders commit to establishing new ways to meet with the community such as online office hours, Town Hall style meetings, Coffee Catch-ups, and a feedback tool where you can share your ideas, concerns and questions with us.

Be transparent

Establishing better communication channels is paramount to our ongoing commitment to our residents to get them more engaged and aware of property.

Make you proud

You should expect the highest standard from your Village leadership and we will deliver on our commitment to you - where we stand United4Northbrook.

we promise

we commit

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